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Who are Allen Designs & Why we love their planters so much!

Michelle Allen is the Artistic Founder of Allen Designs. She was was searching for just the right career when she found her heart being filled while creating whimsical home products to sell at the local street fair in Encinitas, CA. One year later, Michelle, her husband and then one year old daughter, moved to the NW and began selling her wares at the famed year round “Portland Saturday Market”. Over the next several years, she attended art fairs throughout the United States and began selling directly to retail stores who saw her products there. In 2000, with the birth of their second daughter, Michelle and Gary began attending the wholesale show markets in LA, Chicago, Dallas, New York and Atlanta.

Decades later, Allen Designs continues to sell to stores all over the USA along with distribution in Europe and Australia reaching retailers around the globe.


Since opening in early March, 2018 our Allen Deisgns Planters have been a shop staple. Having sold hundreds in the last 2 years, are customers can't seem to get enough of these quirky pieces and it's easy to see why!

- The Allen Designs range is unique and always expanding.

- Michelle's aesthetic is like no other!

- All Allen Designs Planters are made from quality resin

- Each piece is hand painted

- All Planters have removable drainage plugs for easy potting

- Planters house 120mm nursery pots perfectly, so they needn't be planted directly into if you don't want to.

- All planters are easy to clean with a damp cloth

- The resin used to shape these planters is sturdy making the planters less inclined to smash, chip or scratch.

If you love Allen Designs and Michelle's range of quirky planters as much as we do, you can shop our full range here.

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