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Neem Seed Oil Concentrate 30mL


Our Neem Oil Concentrate is an eco-friendly alternative to pre-mixed products.

Containing a vegetable-based wetting agent, our Neem Oil will not leave any oil marks on your plant babies and will not clog plant pores AKA stoma.

All you need to do is dilute this nifty little bottle with water and spray!


How to use: Combine 30mL of product with 1L of water.
Shake well before use. 


Product contains: 100% Pure Neem Oil & Wetting Agent

Avoid temperatures below 14C as this product may thicken.

If product thickens it is still of use. Simply warm sealed bottle gently under hot water and shake.

Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes & clothing.


Neem Seed Oil Concentrate 30mL

Expected by the end of May
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